London’s Street Trees – Revised Edition

A fully revised edition of London’s Street Trees: A Field Guide to the Urban Forest, was published in April 2020.

It’s bigger and better than the first edition, with more pages, more photos, and more tree species too. It’s a larger size (but still the right size for a small rucksack), and it contains two new street tree walks as well.

Who would have thought there were over 400 different types of tree on London’s streets?

When the first edition of this wonderful guidebook came out in 2017, most people thought a street tree meant a London Plane. In fact, as it revealed, the capital’s magnificently green streets were home to everything from Giant Redwoods to Persian Silk Trees – an urban arboretum as vibrantly multicultural as this great world city itself.

But the planting hasn’t stopped, so now this new, expanded, completely revised edition contains even more trees and tree walks. It tells you where to find, amazingly, Persimmons and Peanut Butter Trees, Weeping Willows and Wedding Cake Trees, and how local communities are themselves now transforming their own London streets with trees.

‘For someone like me who is not a natural naturalist, the book reveals a previously unconsidered world situated just outside the front door, or at most only a bus ride away.’
Ian Jack, Guardian

‘A brilliant book that will appeal to everyone. It is very definitely a worthy celebration of the urban forest.’
British Wildlife