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I’m available for a whole range of tree related stuff, including:

Do you think trees would make great TV and Radio? I do! Watch and listen:

Writing and journalism
As well as writing the first book on London’s Street Trees, and my new book, London is a Forest, I have written for a range of magazines and websites including Bloom, The London Magazine, Time Out and the Londonist about many topics including urban nature, technology, art and culture. My piece ‘Did you know that London is the world’s largest urban forest?‘ was a cover feature for Time Out in November 2019.

Leading walks
I have led urban tree walks in London, Sheffield, Dublin and Philadelphia for groups between 10 and 30 people lasting between 1 and 3 hours. I have worked with:

Walks can be tailored for special interest groups or to specific areas. I’m happy to discuss and advise.

“Brilliant way of looking at the neighbourhood differently. Paul’s amazing knowledge about street trees kept a group ranging from primary school students to pensioners entertained and fascinated.”
– Nicola Baird from Islington Faces

Delivering talks
Let me introduce you to urban trees.

I have delivered talks and keynotes for general and specialist audiences about trees, cities, social history and the urban environment. I have worked with:

I have provided consultancy services developing events, conferences and seminars. Here’s a summary of the ‘Trees and Technology’ event I organised with the Woodland Trust for London Tree Week 2017. I worked on the GLA street tree data to develop TreeTalk, an interactive map of tree species found in London.

Urban photography
I have a significant image library of street trees available for licensing and am able to accept commissions to shoot urban trees, open spaces and architecture.

If you’d like to get in touch, please use the contact form below:

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