London is a Forest – New Edition

An extended and updated new edition of London is a Forest was published in June 2022.

It features a whole new chapter, a seventh forest trail from Harrow to St Pancras. It has a luminous new cover and a natty gold badge too!

Exploring the rich diversity of London through a series of urban forest trails, this new, expanded edition of London is a Forest uncovers the fascinating stories and secrets the city holds.

Through seven carefully devised paths, author Paul Wood explores the urban forest’s geography, its past and future, and looks at the remarkable variety of life supported in this unique metropolitan ecosystem. For curious Londoners and anyone who’s fascinated by nature, a wealth of arboreal details, history, myth and anecdotes are revealed along the way. Complementing the trails, Wood looks in more detail at the fascinating stories of some of the iconic, and some of the less obvious species that define the urban forest.

In London, 9 million people are crammed into just 600 square miles alongside 8.5 million trees. According to one UN definition, this makes the city a forest. The Forestry Commission agree, describing London as the world’s largest urban forest. And a particularly diverse and historic urban forest at that.

An exhaustive piece of research with wonderful asides and anecdotes drawing on social history, architecture, heritage and people linked to the trees.
West End Extra

It’s a cliché to say that a book will make you see the city in a new light, but this one really does.
Matt Brown, The Londonist

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