London is a Forest

My second book, ‘London is a Forest’ will be published on 2nd May 2019.

This book documents my travels around London’s urban forest through a series of six ‘forest trails’. Read more here.

I pounded the streets, footpaths and byways of the city looking at the surprising nature found here, from the edge of the greenbelt to the heart of the metropolis. I went to dozens of places, some predictable like Kew Gardens and Epping Forest, and many other more unlikely places, from New Addington and Erith, to Canary Wharf and, perhaps unlikeliest of all, Heathrow Airport.

Intrigued? You can preorder London is a Forest on Amazon now, and over the coming weeks I’ll be posting some more snippets from the book here and on my Twitter and Instagram.

I have a few signed copies for sale too, click the button below to place your order!

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