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I regularly take part in online and whenever possible, real-life events including guided walks, talks, conferences and the occasional book signing. Here’s what’s coming up:

16:00, 15th May, Urban Village Fete – Join me on the Greenwich Peninsula. I’ll be in conversation with Melissa Tutesigensi talking about London is a Forest. Book your ticket.

18:00, 18th May, What Future for London’s Countryside? – I’ll be part of the panel discussion at CPRE London’s AGM. Book your ticket.

18:00, 19th May, Particular Urban Trees, Urban Tree Festival – I’ll be introducing 20 remarkable urban trees from across Britain. Book your ticket.

You may be interested in following my Facebook page where I also share details of the events I am involved with, and that way, they will magically appear in your timeline.

And finally, if you’re thinking of running an event, or in need of a speaker, why not hire me.

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