Street Tree Walks, Talks and Other Events

Since the launch of my book, London’s Street Trees, earlier this week, I have been asked about associated walks, talks and other events I’m doing. So I created a Facebook events page – something I never thought I would hear myself say. It seems like the easiest way to keep everything in one place. Do please follow and share, and of course, come to the events too!

Paul and Graham IMG_6351
Safe Haven Books Publisher, Graham Coster (left) and myself at the launch in Marylebone

It was a full on week with the official Book Launch on Tuesday swiftly followed by a guided walk around Fitzrovia and Bloomsbury with Architectural Association members on Wednesday – my first sortie into the wilds of London with a group of architects! Next I had An Introduction to the Urban Forest, a talk and walk from City Hall and part of London Tree Week on Thursday.

Our route took us around London Bridge and Bermondsey where we found a Tree of Heaven under which was a commemorative plaque to Alfred and his remarkable wife, Ada Salter, whose ashes had been interred nearby. We went on to inspect the Strawberry Trees on Melior Street I last blogged about in 2011. I can report they have grown considerably, some have gone missing in the last six years, but the remaining trees are thriving.

And on Friday, it was Trees and Technology with the Woodland Trust, the Greater London Authority, TiCL and Curio. A fascinating helicopter view of some of the ways in which innovative technologists are working with trees. More about this in a future post no doubt!

The week finished with a hunt for Olive Trees in Westminster (didn’t see any) and a well-earned drink in a nearby pub close to a Chonosuki crabapple (Malus tschonoskii).


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